“The most beautiful valley in the world”

Anyone who travels along the No. 45 State Highway (Strada Statale 45) connecting Genoa and Piacenza will understand the meaning of this celebrated exclamation, traditionally attributed to Ernest Hemingway.

The landscape of the river valley, as it twists and turns, with breathtaking glimpses of the meanders, punctuated by campanili and towers in the distance, is seen in all its splendour even by those who only travel along the valley by car. However, innumerable footpaths allow the visitor to penetrate the woods, climbing up to the highest peaks until the sea comes into view, or descending to seek refreshment in the cool waters of the river. Nor is there any lack of places of historic significance, with a myriad of sites and little villages which can be sought out starting from Bobbio, the pulsating heart of the valley. [ … ]


The above passage is taken from the ‘Bobbio e Alta Val Trebbia’ guidebook, published by the Piacenza-based publishing house Tip.Le.Co and available at newsstands and bookshops in the Trebbia Valley and Piacenza and from the on-line store https://www.tipleco.com/edizioni.html”.

It is a very practical, slim and lightweight, pocket-sized guide, with beautiful pictures and very comprehensive and detailed texts.

The publishers offered us the task of translating it into English and French, which was quite challenging to say the least, but highly rewarding!

It enabled us to revisit the history of a part of our beautiful province and to admire once again its artistic and natural treasures, at times even discovering some that were new to us.

This assignment made us want to learn more about Bobbio and the Upper Trebbia Valley, which we already visit and love.

But it’s not only people who visit our area for the first time who are enchanted by it – even those of us who live here never cease discovering new things to admire about it.

Click here to check out the Guide. https://www.tipleco.com/bobbio-e-alta-val-trebbia.html