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Our story

It was 1995. This photo shows us after a bracing swim in the icy waters of a mountain lake, and we think it is emblematic. Over the years it has become our symbol, of us both looking forward in the same direction, with serenity and confidence. In the period when we were starting our partnership, it was difficult to get companies to understand just how important good communication in a language is to their success. Since then we have been stubbornly continuing to make our case; some battles have not yet been won, but customer awareness of the need for quality language services has increased.  

Our offices are run by two professionals: Elena Fochi and Monica Rausa. We both carry out translations from English, French and Spanish into Italian, with the help of external professionals for those combinations that we don’t handle personally. In more than twenty-five years of working together, we have created a network of collaborating friends, ready to give us a hand with any project, even the craziest, out of the respect, esteem and (why not?), the affection that binds us together.

Within the team everyone has his/her own forte, specialisation, language combinations. A suitable translator is assigned to each project, one who will be able to carry out the work in the best possible way.

Our team has therefore grown step by step with determination and generosity, challenging itself with projects of varying types and sizes.

Our trip


When we started out in 1995, we worked with Enel providing technical translations and interpreting in French and English at the Thermoelectric Power Stations for personnel from foreign companies. We were personally involved in this activity, which continued for more than a decade, and which enabled us to acquire a wealth of information and terminology relevant to the sector.


During that same period of time, we began working with the local Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano, the Study Centre of the Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza, the Banca di Piacenza, the Banca Popolare Italiana and the Municipality of Piacenza when they organized important Conferences, Conventions and Exhibitions, where our simultaneous and consecutive interpreters were in action. We also handled the translation of the proceedings of major literary, artistic and technical and scientific international conferences. 

The work we did with Piacenza's public bodies led to the commission to translate into three languages the Guide to the Pinacoteca di Palazzo Farnese, on behalf of the Management of the Musei di Palazzo Farnese, the Explanatory Commentary on the CODEX 65, which accompanies the valuable mediaeval manuscript, and the translation into English of the Guide to Piacenza and other significant works published locally.


In 2001, Studio T&M began working with the Secretariat of the Nobel Peace Prize, translating important documents needed for organising international summits;


In 2006 Studio T&M was commissioned by TECNOBORGO SPA - Piacenza to translate all the technical documentation relating to the start-up of the local waste-to-energy plant, also providing interpreters during the training of the Italian staff and teachers for the Italian courses held for the Director of the plant and other French managers.

This experience led to a fruitful and lasting collaboration with the ENVIRONMENT sector of CNIM (Constructions Industrielles de la Méditerranée), which later culminated in the translation of the documentation preparatory to the construction of the waste-to-energy plants in Turin and Jersey (UK).


September 2008 saw the start of our work with the Festival del Diritto Promoting Committee, with our simultaneous interpreters participating in this prestigious event that has been held in our city for years. In the same year we started working with Rajapack, a leading French packaging company.


In 2017, T&M was selected by ETUI (European Trade Union Institute) and in 2018 by COE (Council of Europe) for inclusion in the list of translation companies that work with these important European institutions;


We have also successfully translated for a number of Italian universities, such as the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, the Politecnico di Milano and the Facoltà Teologica del Triveneto.  

Since 1995, we have handled technical-scientific, informational-promotional and economic-financial translations for a large number of companies having international dealings in a variety of industrial sectors, we have carried out legal and financial translations for numerous professionals and we have provided language courses for individuals, companies and training organisations.

The heart of Translation & More

Elena Fochi The blonde.

English is the language that suits her and that she has chosen to use on a daily basis. Within the Company, in addition to dealing with translations, revisions and project management, she holds the reins of the administration. To relax, she makes pottery, goes for mountain walks or tends her beloved garden.

Monica Rausa The redhead.

A passionate and die-hard French speaker. She shares the translation, revision and project management work, but with one eye also on marketing and external communications. Writing and singing are her two great passions, and when she finishes playing with words she starts playing with notes.

Elena and Monica are Ordinary Members of AITI