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Multilingual translations

We mainly carry out translations into ITALIAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH. As far as the other MAIN EUROPEAN AND NON-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES are concerned, we make use of professional mother-tongue colleagues. 

All translators are professionals who are native speakers of the target language of the translation. After the translator’s work is completed, the translation process includes a very important phase of revision, and possibly, in the case of a publication, a further final check of the proofs.


instruments of incorporation, writs of summons, notarial deeds, powers of attorney

Commercial and financial

business correspondence, contracts, financial statements, documentation for international invitations to tender


user and maintenance manuals, product specifications, catalogues, computer manuals, software localisation


articles for specialist journals, medical records, specifications for medical products


brochures, leaflets, corporate presentations, websites


conference proceedings, tourist guides, essays and popular texts